SA Power Grid Interface


Designed for the delicacy of your front end gear, optimized for high current applications

The founder of Sound Application, Jim Weil has through meticulous engineering and decades of constant innovation turned stripping away the extraneous noise and impurities that mask fine details and microdynamics into a fine art.

At the heart of Sound Application designs are Rel TFT Capacitors of Virgin Teflon with High Purity Tin Foil. These are custom six layer caps designed by Bas Lim for SA, mated with 7N 10g, 99.99999% pure copper wire and coupled with G5 Titanium hardware.

Our Grade 5 Titanium is the ideal material with the correct, electrical, magnetic and mechanical properties to bond our electrical junctions. The extraordinary accuracy of our compression formed G5 Titanium permits extreme torquing points.

The tunable monocoque chassis of the SA TT-7 Power Grid Interface now incorporates a 5 Kg CNC machined mirror polished solid brass PowerBase

All SA Power Line Conditioner designs are completely Non-Current Limiting with only cold welded High Purity Copper 100% point-to-point wiring in the AC current path

  • 17 pounds (7.7kg)
  • Length is 16 inches (41cm) Width 6.3 inches (16cm) and Height 3.3 inches (9cm)
  • Three (3) 20 amp High Conductivity duplex US outlets, accommodating 6 power cords
  • 20 amp IEC input, matched with a 20 amp CarlingSwitch High Speed Magnetic Circuit Breaker

SA Universal Power Grid Interface – 120/240 volts

  • 3 GigaHertz Bandwidth Transverse Mode filter
  • 1.1 GigaHertz Common Mode Noise elimination

SA Power Grid Interface – 120 volts

  • 3 GigaHertz Bandwidth Transverse Mode filter, employing a maximum total capacitance of .5uF
  • An almost purely Transverse Mode Filter tuned to measured noise points on the US power grid
  • For specific power situations, available through special order only

SA TT-7 Power Grid Interface power line conditioners are enclosed in our welded, non-magnetic, aluminum monocoque chassis producing a tunable resonant enclosure bonded with G5 Titanium hardware to a 5 Kg CNC machined mirror polished solid brass PowerBase.