SA Power Grid Interface

Designed for the delicacy of your front end gear, optimized for high current applications

At the heart of both Sound Application designs are the finest materials available: Acrolink 10g 99.99999% pure copper, G5 Titanium, High Purity Tin Foil, Virgin Teflon Rel TFT Capacitors.

SA designs are completely Non-Current Limiting with only cold welded High Purity Copper 100% point-to-point wiring in the AC current path.

  • 6 pounds (2.7kg)
  • Three (3) 20 amp High Conductivity duplex US outlets, accommodating 6 power cords
  • 20 amp IEC input, matched with a 20 amp CarlingSwitch High Speed Magnetic Circuit Breaker

Sound Application currently offers two compact designs of completely different internal architecture.

SA Power Grid Interface – 120 volts

  • 3 GigaHertz Bandwidth Transverse Mode filter, employing a maximum total capacitance of .5uF
  • An almost purely Transverse Mode Filter tuned to measured noise points on the US power grid

SA Universal Power Grid Interface – 120/240 volts

  • 3 GigaHertz Bandwidth Transverse Mode filter
  • 1.1 GigaHertz Common Mode Noise elimination

SA powerline conditioners are enclosed in our welded, non-magnetic, anodized aluminum SSD® monocoque chassis producing a tunable resonant enclosure.