CES 2007 Standout Demo

Jim Weil of Sound Application was understandably proud of the system he assembled at THE Show. Its natural rendering of musical detail made his room a spot to sit and relax. A pair of Silicon Arts ZL-120 solid-state amplifiers ($23,000/pair) drove Venture Excellence speakers ($56,000/pair) to near perfection. The source was a modified Esoteric UX-1 universal player used as a transport running into a Weiss Medea DAC. A Silicon Arts CF-080 preamp ($18,000) was also in use. Sound Application’s own RLS-1 power conditioners provided power, with racks and platforms from Precision Audio/Video and all cabling from FMS.

We were unfamiliar with the Silicon Arts electronics, but this system changed that. They are electronics to watch — um, to hear, that is.