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For 30 years our passion is to eliminate unwanted color and noise, lower impedance and deliver the cleanest power to sensitive audio electronics. You will hear hidden details, improved dynamics and more realistic tone.

Eliminate the noise that hides your music

Hear new elements you’ve never heard before in every track in your collection by connecting your components with an SA San Francisco Standard TT-7 Power Grid Interface power line conditioner.

“It’s clear that the SA TT-7 Power Grid Interface is an amplifier’s best friend. Jim Weil obviously has mastered his craft.”

absolute sound logo

Dick Olsher
Senior Writer, The Absolute Sound

“The resolution and definition of the soundstage is immediately apparent. Depth, width and yes, height are brought into focus”

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Shawn R. Britton
Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab
Senior Mastering Engineer

Discover superior design & engineering

SA power line conditioners remove background noise that obscures full audio imaging, resulting in a completely developed soundstage. Vocalists become palpable in the center image, while supporting instrumentation is more defined, resulting in the cohesive aural presentation intended by producers and engineers. Created with a philosophy grounded in solid engineering principles, the results are obvious.

Maximize your components with superior power line conditioning

Subtle and vibrant dynamics that are there to be discovered in your library.

To achieve our performance goals, we evaluated of every element of design from input to output. SA combines the purest exotic materials to lower impedance, reduce vibration and snugly hold your power cord for delivery of maximum current. We match ingenious design simplicity with the purest of materials using NASA grade zero fault soldering. It all resides in a monocoque chassis atop a CNC machined, mirror polished solid brass PowerBase.


“Sounds like Heaven. I couldn’t imagine being without it!”

“Sound Application is the most effective AC power product available at any price.”

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Steve Hoffman
Audiophile Mastering

“Sometimes you discover a product that establishes a new benchmark in its category. The SA TT-7 is one such product. Its performance well justifies its price and in fact makes it a bargain. Highly recommended!”

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Michael Woods 
Elite Audio Systems, Inc.

Get unsurpassed reference AC power

Evaluating the delivery of power to your sensitive audio electronics has been our passion for over 30 years. Researching the flow of electrons from the circuit breaker has lead us to test and determine each component we use to obtain its maximum performance. We build to get the best power delivery to your components.

Legends of remastering choose Sound Application to preserve great artistry

Remastering audio presents an unique opportunity to reveal and preserve the original rich and intricately detailed sounds created by artists and producers. When designing their systems for remastering treasured recordings, leading audio engineers select equipment they know is designed and built without compromise.

Who would you trust when remastering greats like Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, and John Lennon’s “Imagine”? Shawn R. Britton of Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab chose Sound Application for the task. Whether mastering titles in Sebastopol, California or transferring precious analog master tapes at Abbey Road Studios in London, England, Shawn utilizes the most effective power line conditioning that money can buy. You can immediately hear the difference.

Reveal new treasures from your collection and get the most out of your system with Sound Application power gear.