Marc Mickelson

"Ease, liquidity, and background blackness were immediately discernible, the music taking on an elegance that became quickly addicting"

Shawn Britton
Master Recording Engineer

The difference with the SOUND APPLICATION XE-12S in the system is clearly one of the greatest improvements I have ever heard.

Dr. William Gaw, EnjoyTheMusic.com

Product of the Century!

Jeffrey Allen
Producer, CBS Studio Center

HEAR the CF-X in the Reference Listening Suite at CBS Studio Center !
I run the Reference Listening Suite at CBS Studio Center. SOUND APPLICATION placed five of their amazing CF-X line conditioners in my playback suite, WOW !! I have never heard any other AC product do what this does.
Simply put, It is the best there is!

Jerry Kindela
Ultimate Audio

The SOUND APPLICATION CF-X will max out every virtue your equipment is capable of.

 Dick Olsher

Make no mistake about it, the SOUND APPLICATION CF-X is the most effective line filter money can buy.

Alan Yun
Silverline Audio

The SOUND APPLICATION CF-X is my secret weapon.

Albert von Schweikert

The SOUND APPLICATION CF-X provides amazing harmonic purity, transparency and total background silence.

Tim de Paravacini, E.A.R.

It works!

Dick Olsher

AC line conditioning is far more critical to audio quality than speaker cables and interconnects. Given an accessory budget of $5000., I would spend it in a heartbeat on the SOUND APPLICATION CF-X conditioner and simply make do with my old cable.

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The XE-12 provides the greatest EMI and RFI filtration across the broadest frequency band, operating from audio frequencies to beyond 2.5 GigaHertz. Powerful 11-Stage Spike and Surge Protection.

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